September 24th was our first blogiversary…Daniel & I didn’t get each other anything and I completely forgot to mention it. Next year will be better – I’ll definitely remember next year…maybe. Anyways…

Remember when our garden looked like this?

Well, let’s just say it’s not as pretty and organized as this Type A girl would like it to be…

Our tomato plants went crazy! They completely took over the entire garden box and now are desperately trying to escape the box and get into the yard.

The grape tomatoes have been delish, but the romas have been so dense that I haven’t really enjoyed them much this year.

We were really excited about the carrots we planted because they looked like this all summer long:

But when I pulled some up this morning, they were very disappointing…

That was a pretty big letdown. Another disappointing feature of our garden was our raspberry bush. When we planted it back in the spring, it was just a stick with some roots; and while it ended up filling out with a lot of leaves, we never got a single piece of fruit from it. Maybe next year?

A little while after we planted our artichoke, we read online that they can grow up to six feet wide and four feet tall, much larger than our little garden box, so we moved Mr. Artichoke to the front yard. Although it was a rough summer and we weren’t sure if it was going to pull through, it’s been looking better the last couple of weeks. We’re still not sure how artichokes are going to grow from it though.

Last but not least is the underdog of the Hawkins 2010 garden season: the pepper plant. This little sucker didn’t produce a single pepper ALL SUMMER LONG, and we were convinced we got a dud, until about a week ago when we found this little baby:

Maybe there is still some hope for our little garden yet? Who knows? We’ve been told that the second year of planting is always the best, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that next year will produce a little bit more than just tomatoes!