I apologize guys. I have been a terrible blogger. I can’t even remember the last time I updated. School is messing with my mind – it has taken up residence in every last crevice in my brain, leaving me little else to think about, so naturally, my house and any projects have gone to the dogs…literally. Turk and Rufus ravage around like the little neglected beasts they’ve become, ripping our throw blankets off the couches and fashioning them into a lumpy Emily doppelganger and curling up next to it in hopes that it will magically come to life and take them on a walk. It’s that bad. Daniel will walk in on me studying and find my eyes glazed over as I mumble quietly about General Strain Theory and the effects of bullying on teens. It’s bad. He worries about me.

Luckily, even though I don’t have any good home improvement projects to speak of at the moment, my good friend Kim sent me some pictures of a chair she bought off Craigslist for $20 that surely would’ve ended up at the landfill had she not rescued it! This is the chair before the beautification began:

It has good bones, sure. But I am not sure if I would’ve seen this on Craigslist and thought, “Hey, this has potential!” Luckily, Kim did! First, she removed the icky cushions, sanded down the chair and added two coats of Valspar White Primer.

Then Kim re-covered the seat cushion with some clearance fabric from Joann fabric and spray painted the chair a semi-gloss white. Here’s how it turned out:

So much better, right? Kim told me that her plan is to replace the gray fabric with a pretty zebra print ASAP, but I think it looks pretty amazing as is! Great job, Kim!

If you have any projects you’d like me to blog about, please feel free to email me at ourwaldobungie@gmail.com! Like I said, the home projects are going to be few and far between for awhile with my workload at school and at my job. But I would love to see what you’ve been working on – and I am sure my 12 faithful readers would, too!