Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, kids! I started my first week of grad school and boy, was it overwhelming! 3 classes + working full-time = very, very busy Emily.

I did get a quick little vacay in before the craziness started. I took the 5 hour drive down I-35 to visit my old roommate, Emily (yes, we share a name – we even have the same middle name!) at her new house in Edmond, OK. I fully intended to take lots of pictures because her house is adorable, but we kept so busy running around that I never even got a chance to pick up my camera!

Emily took me all over Oklahoma City, introduing me to yummy restaurants, including this one, which absolutely blew my Mexican-food-loving mind! So yummy! She also took me to an amazing flea market that is housed in an old skating rink in Bethany, OK. That is where I found these:

Yes! I found this super cute little table for $14! I even love the color – no need to paint!

That cute little ceramic elephant was a $1 find…I snatched it up the second I laid eyes on it!

Emily got an amazing solid wood trunk for under $50 and I found plenty of other things that I would have purchased had it not been for a lack of space in my car!

I had a blast with Emily – we got pedicures, ate Braums ice cream, saw a movie, went to the Farmers Market, and spent a lot of time just catching up! I am planning to head back down to Edmond soon, this time with Daniel in tow, so we can help Emily with some projects around her house.

Thanks for having me, Emily! Miss you already!