In an attempt to fight the squirrels, we went to Sutherlands after having a not-so-hot experience at Home Depot (they weren’t helpful at all – which is the second time I’ve had that experience there lately – have you noticed that?) The guy at Sutherlands told Daniel about this stuff called “Deer Off.” He said it would keep the squirrels away.

So this weekend I decided to head out to the porch and try it. I sprayed it on both of our hanging pots, the window boxes and the three small pots. I stopped for a second to admire the beauty of our landscaping when all of a sudden I was overcome by the smell of urine.

Apparently the Deer Off is basically concentrated coyote or monster urine or something. Regardless, it smells absolutely awful! I ran inside the house coughing and gagging, hoping to escape the smell but I could still smell it. I realized the smell had permeated every inch of clothing I was wearing so I quickly changed, but it was still in my hair and on my hands no matter how many times I washed them.

Daniel & I spent the rest of the weekend avoiding the front porch and hoping that people couldn’t smell it on us. Daniel finally braved the smell long enough to hose the entire porch down in hopes of getting the stench to dissipate.

We returned the stuff because I couldn’t think of a location far enough away from the house to store it where I wouldn’t be able to smell it. But I will give the Deer Off people credit because there was not a single living being in our yard for several days, and I guess it must be threatening to animals because when Turk & I got home from our walk yesterday, he sniffed one of the plants I had sprayed and promptly peed on it. Awesome. I am sure our postman just LOVES coming to our door!