We just picked up our first CSA batch from Hen House and I am excited!

For anyone that doesn’t know, CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, you buy a “share” of the CSA, which lets the farmer or CSA manager know that you will be buying a share of their produce for the whole season which helps support their farming efforts. Then you just go each week on Wednesday or Saturday to Hen House to pick up your share for the week.

Tonight we got tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, cheese, beef hot dogs, and pickles. There were a few other options (like cabbage) but I traded my credits for the pepper cheddar cheese (another cool thing about the CSA). Take a look at our bounty!


Can’t wait to see what we will have next week.

I’ve already dug into the pickles and the hot dogs and both were really good. I’ve never been big fan of sweet pickles, but as the label implies, these were “worth a million bucks.” If you are interested, go here to check out the Hen House CSA.