We painted our front porch right when we first moved in… a la Young House Love.

Well, throughout the winter, the pretty multi-colored planks got chipped and stripped and were not looking so hot. So, Daniel re-painted it (which I had a picture of but it somehow disappeared) and we did a little sprucing, if you will, of the porch.

Azaleas! These had to go in front since they are toxic to doggies.

Frog - so everyone who enters knows I'm French.

I am thinking about getting a brightly colored rug and painting these pots to add a bit more color to the porch. I had planned for the azaleas to add some punches of color, but the petals all fell off not too long after I took this picture. Any ideas for ways I can add color?

Any ideas for how I can deal with the recycling bins? I am at a loss as to what I can do to minimize these eyesores.

Now the yard is a mess, too. Weeds, a big hole from where we moved a bush from the front to the back yard, and it’s overcrowded with too many trees. What to do? What to do? So much work to do this summer…