Here’s an update of how our attempt at gardening is going…

The onions are looking pretty good and we have been doing a lot of internet research to see when exactly they are going to be ready for us to try… not a  whole lot of good info out there though so if you happen to know, we’d appreciate your input!

The spinach and carrots are, well, we think they are coming along alright, but we might have possibly planted the seeds too close together, so we might have to thin them out pretty soon here. Plus, we have this weird leaf that is growing randomly out of our carrots line, and it doesn’t look like a carrot. Thoughts?

Sadly, we don’t think the pepper seeds ever took, and since we’re impatient, we just bought a bell pepper plant at the River Market farmers market this weekend. We’ll let you know how that goes.

After some research on artichokes, we found out that an artichoke plant can grow to 6 feet in width and 3-4 feet high – much too big for our little garden! So we think that once this baby starts to grow a little more, we’ll transplant it to another part of the yard.

So, that’s the progress so far! It’s a little early to harvest anything yet – probably won’t be able to until late May or early June. But we’ll keep you posted!

How about you? Have you planted a garden this spring? How is it coming along?