In February, we went to a cute little flea market called Good Ju Ju down in the West Bottoms. I’d heard about it from one of my favorite bloggers, Micah, at the Yellow Front Door and I couldn’t wait to check it out for myself! So I got my friends Josh, Deanna and Nate to join us one Sunday after church. We were not disappointed!

Why does brightly colored paint make EVERYTHING look better?

See? It's the brightly colored the bureau new life!

Nate & De took a shining to this cute shallow tub. Good for potting plants?

Chalkboard table!

This bike might actually get me to ride more often!

Josh found a great addition to his mantle

Pretty umbrella!

Good ideas for our deck?

Isn’t it so cool? They are only open the first weekend of each month, and due to it’s flea market-y nature, the merchandise is different every time! They also tend to have themes for each month, like April was “garden” themed.  So, if you have some free time on the first weekend of the month, check it out – then let me know what you find!