Emily had the urge to get a raised garden box. So of course, I was put in charge of building one. I found a few 2×4’s on Craigslist and we had a pallet from our attic insulation project, so I set out to put something together.

I always get a little too impatient to fully plan out a project like this, so after some initial ideas I just dive in.

pallet getting cut up

By cutting the pallet into four segments I had my four sides. I put a 2×4 around the top to give it a little bit of a lip around the top.

four parts of the pallet screwed into place

I put a post up in each corner to wrap chicken wire around – we deemed that necessary to keep the dogs, squirrels and birds out of our plants (yes, it’s basically like a zoo in our yard).

starting to paint the wood

I stirred up some of our porch paint that unfortunately froze this winter. It’s not perfect, but we already had it and it was just a little lumpy, otherwise it looked fine. I painted several layers to help seal the wood.

I bought garden fabric to line the bottom and we got some soil from Sutherlands, which is right down the street. We combined the soil with the large quantity of compost we already had and we were ready to plant.

I put the chicken wire across the top after we got our initial planting done. I put a gate that opens on the front and the top wire flips over so that we can access it more easily.

So here’s the breakdown on the materials I used.

  • wood – free (pallet and craigslist)
  • paint – free (rescued)
  • screws – free (left from another project)
  • dirt – $20 (mixture of our compost and some garden soil)
  • fabric – $7
  • wire – $12

So the whole project wasn’t free, but the box itself was, and less than $50 for a raised bed is not too bad.

Our veggies - ready to be planted!

Our veggies - ready to be planted!

We'll see how this looks in 6-10 weeks!

How about you guys? Have you planted any vegetables this spring?