This past weekend I had my aunt and uncle (Beth and Bill) come down from Minnesota for a visit. While time spent together would have been nice and fun, they decided to help us complete some improvements/fixes to our house. They worked very hard all weekend and by the end we were able to scratch 5 or 6 things off of our to-do list.
The plan was to scout out the attic friday night and first thing Saturday morning rent the blow-in insulation machine. During the scout process we found many other things that needed fixed before we could even start the insulation. Bill figures that there have probably been 4 separate additions to our house (and we thought it was small now). We aren’t sure who did the additions but Bill recommended they turn in their hammer and tool belt permanently.

Bill cutting roof

Bill cut through an old section of roof to gain access to the original roof area.

roof trash

Roof trash.

Basically they built a shell roof over the top of separate roof sections. So some areas of the attic are actually still shingled. We ended up with 7 huge trash bags full of old shingles and wood that we cut out.

rental truck with insulation pallet

We covered exposed electrical boxes, installed Bathroom fans (properly vented outside) in both bathrooms and the switches to go with them, filled voids, fixed a sewer vent, installed a GFI outlet outside, and finally we were ready to rent the truck and insulation machine.
After doing some NASA level math equations we figured out we would need about 40 bags of Greenfiber cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper). They came 42 per pallet so we got a full pallet and used every bit of it.

insulation blowing machine

Action shot of the insulation blowing.

Twelve inches gave us about an R39 insulation level and we can already feel a huge difference in our house. The air feels so much stiller now that it isn’t going straight up and out of the roof. I even saw frost on the shingles for one of the first times.
Emily kept us well fed since her fear of tight places, heights, spiders, and the dark kept her out of the attic. And feed us she did.
We appreciate Beth and Bill sooo much. It’s so nice to have people willing to help, and even nicer when those people know what they are doing 🙂