Oh man. I just re-read our last post. Send me out to the pasture and shoot me – seriously, I didn’t realize how incredibly bummed out I was about the pipes situation. It was a pretty rough couple of days, and yes, we did curse 2010 as the year of the disgruntled homeowner. But now, I am pleased to let you know, my faithful 10-12 readers per day, that the pipes are officially FIXED! Daniel spent countless hours in the crawl space over the last week and found out of few things.

1. Our house is very poorly insulated and the plumber who assembled our pipes might very well have been smoking crack. It is a mess down there (which I can’t personally attest to as I have a fear of small, enclosed spaces and furry rodents – therefore, crawl space action is out of the question). Daniel luckily has a very handy family, so anything Daniel couldn’t fix on his own, we will work on when his Aunt Beth & Uncle Bill come down from Minnesota (the land of the frozen tundra – they know a thing or two about freezing pipes!).

2. The crawl space can suck out your soul. Literally. Daniel and I both had a tough time coming to grips with the idea that we very possibly might not be able to solve the frozen pipes dilemma ourselves. Many a tear was shed (by me only – boys don’t cry, sheesh!) and various grumblings and phrases were shouted at the pipes, the faucet, the toilet, etc. Really, we were a pathetic bunch this week. We finally conceded the battle against our pipes and called a plumber – who proceeded to fix the faucet in our front bathroom that would only eek out a trickle of water since the pipes had frozen. He fixed it pretty quickly (apparently when the pipes had unfrozen, they kicked some sediment up into the faucet) and didn’t charge us a dime! He was lucky he was dealing with Daniel and not me because I probably would’ve given him the biggest bear hug!

But enough about that….let’s talk about Christmas. Nothing puts me in a good mood like Christmas!!!

Okay, so the plan was to head to Lincoln, NE (land of the Cornhuskers, Runza, Valentino’s, and my family!) on Christmas Eve and then head  back to KC on Christmas Day because we both were working our second jobs day after Christmas (I work at the Gap and Daniel works at Hen House, an upscale grocery store – we are trying to pay off debt by working our little tails off – but more on that in another post). Well, on Christmas Eve it started snowing like crazy, so my parents told us to stay home to avoid what was sure to be terrible road conditions. So, with 48 hours of free time, what were we to do??? Ah, yes…..paint!

The front  bedroom has been slowly coming together in the 7 months since we moved into the Bungie. But painting has not been a top priority. We’d had paint swatches up on the wall forever, but just couldn’t come to a decision on the wall color. Well, after a quick elimination game, Daniel and I decided on a color (Ralph Lauren’s Barn Owl White) and headed over to Home Depot to get a gallon before they closed. And as the snow fell over Kansas City, we embarked on a quick painting project set to the Christmas-y tunes of the “Elf” soundtrack. Zooey Deschanel singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside…” – shoot, it just melts your heart!

So, while it snowed a bazillion inches outside (yes, that’s factual)……

We managed to turn our front bedroom from boring….

To fabulous in just a few hours!

We changed the futon cover and added a couple (sale!) West Elm pillows

I even managed to get a couples frames up!

It's still a mess, but we're working on it!

We woke up on Christmas morning to a beautiful, winter wonderland….

Bungie winter-fied!

We had a quiet Christmas morning with the Hawkins tradition of apple turnovers and a few presents. Daniel has a couple stand-bys he gets me every year….a new moleskine pocket calendar and a Paris wall calendar. He also got me a few other gifts for which I was so excited to open!

I love Glee!

Love love love Don Draper!

and I (along with a little help from my parents) got Daniel something that will aid us in many a home improvement project this year….

Ryobi Drill, Circular Saw, Skil Saw and Flashlight

So, that was our Christmas – how was yours?