Happy (early) Thanksgiving everyone! (and a happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Cindy!)

What are we thankful for? Well, there’s a ton…..let me name a few….

Our families – we love you guys a ton and are so thankful for each and every one of you! Especially our nieces & nephew – they are adorable and make us want to make some little bebes of our own (someday)…

Our friends – Living away from our hometowns, you have all become family to us – we can’t imagine our lives without you in it!

Obviously not all of our friends are in this picture, but you get the idea...

Our doggies – Turk & Rufus are our “babies” for the time being, and they bring a lot of joy and laughter to our house!

Our “bungie” – you may be small, but you are OURS! We love working on you and making you into our home!

Wald0 (our neighborhood) – So quirky and fun – how could you NOT be thankful for Waldo?

Our jobs (JOERBS!) – in an economy like this, we are lucky to have 5 jobs between the two of us – which can be stressful, but we are thankful for every dollar that we get because it keeps us clothed, fed, and it allows us to pay for our little home!

SLEEP! – Having 5 jobs, we don’t get a lot of this, so we are always thankful for it when do get to sleep….I guess our comfy bed should be added to this list then too???

Television – seriously, what we do without The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Biggest Loser, and the slew of other shows we watch in our downtime??

West Elm – maybe this one is just for me, but seriously, I love West Elm….and our house is slowly turning into a West Elm showroom, so I feel the need to be thankful for it.

OPI Nail Polish – My fav! Lincoln Park After Dark is the best nail color EVER!!!

The Garage aka “the man cave” – this is Daniel’s only submission to the list that didn’t align with mine (well, okay, he also didn’t care about OPI nail polish, but I digress)

And last but DEFINITELY not least – God, because without Him, we’d be lost!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Enjoy the time off, turkey, and the ensuing tryptophan coma nap….

Daniel & Emily