Yes, I put my Christmas decorations up in mid-November. Wanna fight about it?

We had to move Turk’s chair and our bookcase to the dining room for the time being. So the tree is in the corner of the dining room area, making it a focal point.

How do you like our Pottery Barn stockings? I bought them on clearance two years ago for crazy cheap, which is why I also purchased a special stocking for the pooches, because they deserve a spot on the mantle, right?!?! I am hoping that the matching tree skirt goes on sale after Christmas so I can complete my set. I keep telling Daniel that they’re heirlooms but I don’t think he’s buying it…

Now, I know some of you think it’s weird that I started decorating so early, but I know there are a few of you who (like me) think the Christmas season starts as soon as the last showing of “Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin” airs. Come on, let your freak flag fly! Or, just humor me so I don’t feel like such a nerd!